A change of scene can be reinvigorating, and I had the opportunity to experience a totally different setting for a few days.

I swapped my quiet room, and the tranquil, rolling hills of Devon for the fast-paced hurly burly of London so that I could attend the Self Publishing Show Live. This event has become the largest conference for independent authors in Europe, and I had a whale of a time. The talks, given by a variety of well-known authors, were inspiring, but the part I really enjoyed was meeting and hanging out with other authors. We writers spend most of our time scribbling away on our own, so it’s always rewarding to chat with others who share that experience.

It was a jam-packed couple of days, and very enjoyable, but I was exhausted by the end of it. I was certainly glad to get home.

Maybe next year, I’ll be on that stage, explaining how my books became bestsellers. Ah well, a chap can dream.

Here are a few pics from my trip. I hope you like them, and if you’re a member of the site, please feel free to post in the comments, and if you’re not a member, please consider joining. It’s free and fast, easy and fun.

A plaque on Newton Abbot Railway Station

A plaque on Newton Abbot Railway Station. I’ve never noticed it before, but it shows how we can see history all around us if we look for it.

The Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament

A statue commemorating the Spanish Civil War

A statue commemorating the Spanish Civil War

View across the Thames

View across the Thames, taken next to the London Eye.

The stage at the Self Publishing Show Live

The stage at the Self Publishing Show Live. Will I be on it one day?

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