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A Chat with the Author Michael Campling – 17 June, 2022

A glimpse behind the scenes in this informal chat, in which I let you know how the latest Devonshire Mystery is going. I talk about my writing and...

Featured Photos – 15 June, 2022

Last week, our Labrador, Lottie, was ill. She's okay now, but things were a bit upside down last week, so I didn't post any photos. Today, I'm...

Update – Special Offer on Murder Between the Tides

I've just realised that as of today (14 June, 2022) Amazon has matched the special price on this book Murder Between the Tides has 40% off on...

A Chat with the Author Michael Campling – 1 June, 2022

An attempt at going live with an Ask Me Anything video. As predicted, it went terribly wrong, but here is the chat, in which I discuss my editing...

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