Valley of Lies Offer

Valley of Lies Offer

Kobo is having a mystery sale in Canada and the USA, and I submitted Valley of Lies.

For a brief time, 2-6 October, 2021, Vally of Lies is just 99c

Kobo US

Kobo Canada

To match this, I’ve set up a special offer for Valley of Lies on some other retailers,

The special offer is on Google Play in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and the US from 4-10 October, 2021

Google Play

Barnes and Noble – there’s an 80% coupon code for Valley of Lies, valid from 9-11 October

The code is: BNPVOLOCT

Barnes and Noble

Amazon sometimes automatically price-matches on some territories. At the time of writing, the book is 99c on Amazon US, so it’s worth checking if you can get the offer where you live:

Amazon US

I’ve set the same price up on some other stores for 4-10 Oct, but I’m not sure how quickly they’ll be able to update their prices:

Valley of Lies on Other stores

And don’t forget, you can borrow this book for free if you request it at your local library and they order a copy for you via OverDrive.


I was Interviewed for the Self-Publishing Formula Podcast

I was Interviewed for the Self-Publishing Formula Podcast

I was recently interviewed for the Self-Publishing Formula Podcast. The audience of that podcast is other writers rather than readers, but I’ll share the video below in case it’s of interest.

I was rather nervous, but it was nice to have the opportunity to thank the wonderful people who helped to kickstart my writing career. I’ve been writing for a long time, but until recently it had been a bit precarious. The SPF Foundation enabled me to put my writing on a firmer footing, and that means more books, more stories, and more adventures for you all to read. (more…)

Bringing Back the Member Prize Draw

Bringing Back the Member Prize Draw

If you’ve been with me for a while, you may remember the regular prize draw, in which I picked people to receive a choice of free ebook.

It got a bit cumbersome, but I’ve hit on a simpler way to make it work, so here goes.

I will endeavour to pick a winner in every newsletter that I send out, but there will be only one way to see if you’ve won: you’ll need to read your newsletters.

How will you take part?

Simply click on any link in your newsletters. So you might click through to view the featured photos, or you might click on a button to listen to the author chat.

I won’t say which link will be the magic one in any given newsletter, but there’s nothing to stop you from clicking on lots of them.

No purchase or other activity is necessary. Just click on something that interests you, and you’ll be in with a chance.

How will you know if you’ve won?

In each newsletter I’ll put the winner’s name (if I have it) and a partially anonymised email address- something like, sherlo********

How will you claim your prize?

If you’ve won, it will be up to you to contact me and tell me which ebook you’d like (a single title rather than a boxset). There may also be free audiobooks on offer at the time, depending on availability.

That’s it.

Hopefully that all makes sense and is manageable for me to keep track of.

Good Luck!


Read your newsletters, click on links, check to see if you’ve won, contact me to claim your prize.


A Study In Stone Audiobook

A Study In Stone Audiobook

The first Devonshire Mystery, A Study in Stone, is available as an audiobook from a range of retailers.

Narrated by professional actor Greg Barnett, the audiobook is a great way to experience the Devonshire Mysteries.

Below you’ll find some handy links, and I’ll be updating this page as the audiobook rolls out to stores and libraries. There’s also a Books2Read link which can take you to a choice of stores. It would be unwieldy and difficult to maintain if I try to include every store and territory, so if I haven’t included your favourite store, please bear with me. You can always visit your usual store and search for A Study in Stone.

Buy Direct From the Author

Find this audiobook on Authors Direct

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Books2Read – an ‘almost’ universal link:

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Murder Between the Tides – Sources

Murder Between the Tides – Sources

Thank you very much for reading Murder Between the Tides

I hope you enjoyed the story. This book felt like my homage to the classic golden-age mysteries that I grew up reading. What better setting for a mystery than a seaside hotel? We had the eclectic mixture of guests, a buried secret or two, a sense of rivalry and a quirky method of murder.

But I was keen to keep this in line with the rest of the Devonshire Mysteries (even though it is set in Cornwall), so the friendship between Dan and Alan is at the heart of this story. The pair are shaping up into quite a team.

It’s always great to hear from readers, so if you have questions that aren’t answered here, or if you’d like to say hello, please drop me a line via the contact page.

Spoiler alert

Seeing the sources before you read the book will spoil the story, so please only look if you’ve finished the book. (more…)