At long last, I can say more about the upcoming Devonshire Mystery.

Today, I’m sharing the first part of chapter 1. This is just between us, so you’ll need to be a member of the site and logged in to read it.

The photo on this post is from the location in which the scene is set, so I hope it helps to give the flavour.

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This is an advance snippet, so it’s still a work in progress and probably contains errors and typos. There will be changes and corrections over the coming days, and I hope to share more as I tackle the rewrites.

Accomplice to Murder

Sample from Chapter 1

Dan Corrigan adjusted his tie without breaking his stride as he advanced on his destination. Tucked away discreetly behind Exeter Cathedral, Southernhay West was stirring into the type of early morning life found in cities all over the world. Smartly dressed people climbed from their cars and bustled toward their places of work. Vans and taxis vied to be the first away from the traffic lights, and colourfully clad cyclists pedalled past, their backpacks bulging. No doubt they’d be carrying a change of clothes for the office, a pair of smart shoes and a laptop too. Dan had his own small backpack slung over his shoulder, although in his case, the situation was reversed. He’d brought his sports kit in case he fancied a run after work, and he felt a certain kinship with his fellow travellers. With every stride, every urgent turn of the pedals, they proclaimed a sense of purpose. They weren’t here for the shops or the scenery; they were here to work.

A bus trundled by, belching exhaust fumes, and Dan smiled. This was more like it. A sense of energy and purpose buzzed all around him. Everyone was going somewhere, and none of them wanted to be late.

That includes me, Dan thought. But I’ve got plenty of time. Dan had been in Exeter for quite a while already, although his appointment wasn’t for another half an hour. He’d parked down by the quay, and he’d spent the time walking through the city, limbering up. And while he’d pounded the streets, he’d felt his senses becoming heightened, his mind growing sharper.

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