We visit a nearby wood every now and then, and this one, Bearacleave Wood, is the inspiration for Brandle Wood in The Devonshire Mystery, Mystery in May.

Perhaps you can imagine Dan and Alan marching along the meandering woodland paths in the search for clues.

The view from the edge of the woods shows Haytor on the horizon, and that tor is mentioned in Accomplice to Murder.

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Like Dan, I can appreciate this beautiful calf, safe in the knowledge that I won’t eat it.

The grey house is Parke, surrounded by its estate. Now headquarters to the Dartmoor National Park Authority, the grounds are where we run 5k every weekend as part of ParkRun. The right-angled pale strips you can see are the walls of a walled garden, now a community vegetable plot.

Back through the woods.

It’s a family tradition to look out for this rock formation, which we think looks like the face of a gorilla.

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