The Devonshire town of Totnes has a number of unusual aspects. It has a reputation as a home for those who seek, and please forgive the clunky old phrase here, alternative lifestyles. In recent times, concern for the environment and an awareness of where our food comes from are much more mainstream attitudes, and when we went to the town on Saturday, we found it thriving and vibrant. Compared to the more mundane high streets of many British towns, which all seem to have the same collection of mediocre retail giants, Totnes had a lot to offer.

How many small towns can boast a harp shop? And in the window of a wool shop, a man was playing a piano.

The market was in full swing, and since there was a craft ale bar and more vegetarian and vegan restaurants than you might expect, I decided that  Dan and Alan would enjoy the town immensely.

Below are a few photos from our day out, although I took most of them at the end of the day when the streets were quiet. Earlier they had been crammed with people, but not everyone likes their photo being taken.

A frog on a bike above a high archway advertises the way to the library.

A quaint church in the centre of town

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