A recent trip to the Eden project in Cornwall.

I’ve been to the Eden project several times over the years, and I always enjoy strolling through the biomes: domes contrived to replicate particular habitats. The tropical biome is always a favourite of mine. It can be slightly arduous to trek around the place because it is kept warm and humid, but on this occasion the UK was having a heatwave, so it really wasn’t all that different to the temperature outside.

There’s also a mediterranean biome, complete with grapevines and orange trees, and that’s a more relaxing place to wander around.

At one time, many years ago, I started a degree in plant biology, so I’ve long been been interested in the natural world. I didn’t finish that degree, but I’m still fascinated by the diversity of life on our precious planet. To see such a profusion of colour and greenery is an uplifting experience, but it’s also a poignant reminder of the habitats we are losing every day. I was learning about such things on my degree course back in 1983, so the climate crisis is not by any means a new phenomenon.

I won’t climb on my soap box. I’m sure many of you value the natural world too, and in that spirit, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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