Kobo are having a weekend sale – USA only – offering discounted ebooks in several genres

Running from March 17-20, 2023, Kobo have reduced prices on lots of ebooks in their US store.

Included in a sale is Prison Quest,a sci-fi adventure story co-authored by S.J. Bryant and me.

Cody’s world is about to be stripped away.
Working security for Vortax Corp has its perks, but when you ‘re paid to protect a high-ranking scientist, the stakes are high.

And there’s something shady going on at Vortax – Cody can smell it.

But before she can uncover the truth, she’s framed for a crime she didn’t commit. Thrown into a virtual prison world, Cody has to fight to survive.

She must escape, and maybe she can make it, but only if she completes the Prison Quest.

Join Cody as she battles mutants and monsters in a fast-paced adventure that blends science fiction and fantasy in a world of virtual reality.

You’ll enjoy following Cody on her quest, because everyone loves to root for the underdog in a fight for justice.
Get it today.

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Whether you try Prison Quest or not, I hope you find an ebook bargain that you’ll enjoy reading.

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