Some more photos from the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales.

We took a boat trip around the islands off the coast, including Skomer, a haven for birds in the breeding season. The birds had mainly flown elsewhere for winter, but the islands were beautiful and we saw seals on the beaches with their pups, and some swam near the boat.

I hope you like the pictures.

The jetty disappearing into the water didn’t inspire confidence, and when the boat arrived, the chap in charge didn’t like the mist. He went to ponder the situation over a coffee, while the gaggle of potential passengers cooled our heels on the beach. Miraculously, the mist cleared, and we set off.

Seals and some of their pups on the beach

More mist arrived just after our boat trip, but we were able to walk along the headland and admire the craggy landscape.

A murder of crows. I’m not sure if these stones are ancient, but there were settlements here thousands of years ago, so this may be the base of a hut.

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