If you’ve been a member for a while you may recognise Hay Tor on Dartmoor.

It’s a popular spot and easy for us to get to, so we like to visit it from time to time. On this occasion a bitterly cold wind was blowing, especially as we approached the tor itself, but it was great to blow the cobwebs away. Also, it gave me a bit of inspiration for a scene I was struggling with in my latest Devonshire Mystery. I was planning to locate a scene in Exeter, but while we marched around the rocks, it struck me as a wonderful place to set a confrontation between Dan and a suspect in his latest case.

There’s also a snap of my old music centre that I’ve recently fired up. In my teenage years I bought this from my grandad, and I’m sure he’d be pleased that it’s still going strong.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

The sun coming out on Hay Tor

Me, my nose made red by the wind

Lottie wondering why she’s on a lead. The reason: she’s getting a bit old to go running madly down the hill, so we’re trying to protect her joints

Hay Tor

Closer to Hay Tor

Rays of sun breaking through the clouds

Hay Tor

My music centre

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