Sunday was cold, with a harsh wind but clear blue skies – perfect for a bracing walk on Dartmoor, so long as you’re wrapped up.

Sue, Lottie and I were among a handful of souls who’d ventured onto the high and exposed stretch of Dartmoor around Hay Tor, and we had a great time. The fresh, crisp air really let you know that you were alive, and it certainly blew the cobwebs away.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Hay Tor on the horizon.

A view over the moor from Hay Tor.

I love the texture of the rocks in the sunlight.

Lottie having fun.

The view was so clear we could see the sea.

Another pic of Lottie

Lottie telling us to get a move on.

An old track, possibly related to the days of the old quarry.

The path up to Hay Tor.

The road rolling through Dartmoor.

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