Losing my marbles.

While waiting for our car to go through its annual MOT (a Ministry of Transport test for safety), I wandered over to a local tourist attraction, the House of Marbles.

In truth, there wasn’t much choice. The garage is outside the small town of Bovey Tracey and the House of Marbles is pretty much the only thing nearby. But I enjoyed my visit. We used to take the kids there when they were little, and they always had fun watching the marble runs, waiting patiently for their turn to press the button and start the contraptions rolling.

The pictures provide a bit of local colour, and I hope you enjoy them.

The shop sells the handblown glass creations made on site.

More handmade glass creations.

In the museum of games, this huge device is an old machine for making… guess what. Marbles.

In the museum, they have a bagatelle which is very like one I played with as a child. Who needs a Playstation!

Two marble runs. Fascinating to watch the ingenious ways their creator has found to make marbles roll, swing, jump and collide.

Another marble run.

A larger marble run, and my favourite.

There’s a gift shop, of course.

A fine collection of marbles for sale.

Apologies for the blurry photo. This shows the glassworkers busily making all kinds of creations.

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