After last week’s photographs, one reader emailed to ask about the appearance of autumn colours, so I thought I’d go out and find some.

Devon is a mild corner of the UK, but even taking that into account, the weather has been warmer than usual, and the trees have held onto their green leaves with a certain degree of determination this year.

Finally though, the leaves are changing and drifting downwards in lazy spirals.

Another reader commented on the site to say that the featured photos inspire thoughts of tea and toast, so as the weather gets greyer and colder and wetter (in the UK at least), what better way to spend the time than a brisk walk in the fresh air, followed by a steaming mug of tea and a slice of toast or a hot, buttered crumpet, all heaped with strawberry jam to remind us of the sweetness of summer.

I hope that you enjoy the photos.

Hints of gold and brown beneath the grey skies in the Teign Valley.

I spotted these trees on a recent trip to Cheltenham, and I loved the way they are catching the morning light.

A heron spotted in a park in Cheltenham. Not a great photo, but I only had my phone and I didn’t want to risk going nearer in case I frightened it away.

More trees in a park in Cheltenham.

Back to Devon and one of my favourite Oaks. This magnificent tree is at the bottom of one of our allotments.

The path and wild hedgerow that runs along the back of the allotments in our village.

Another view along the back of the allotments.

Lottie enjoying a walk. This is one of the fields where I record my chats.

Another view over the Teign Valley, and you can see the first hints of gold creeping into the foliage.

Comments are always welcome.

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