We spent our 30th wedding anniversary in the small Devon village of Clovelly.

The village is unusual in that it is privately owned, and you have to pay to visit. This seems odd at first, but it means that the village has been preserved as a charming seaside village. Since no holiday homes are allowed, the place is a living village with an active community of residents.

The issue of second homes changing the character of small villages is a live one in Devon. Second homes often stand empty for part of the year, and they force up property prices, meaning that local people can’t afford to to buy, especially younger people who want to get a foothold on the property market. This can lead to an ageing population, with no younger people to get involved in the community and keep things going. I mention the issue in Valley of Lies, where Dan views the holiday homes with a different eye now that he’s becoming a local.

The books aren’t my soapbox, but I think it’s important to reflect the reality of modern life in rural Devon.

I hope you like the pictures. I haven’t captioned them as they are all in Clovelly. I think they’re self-explanatory, but if you’re a member of the site, please feel free to post questions in the comments.

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