A walk in the woods of North Devon.

We visited North Devon for a few days to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, and we had a lovely time exploring the coast. These pictures come from a walk down through the woods, starting at Brownsham, descending the steep valley via the delightful and aptly named Zigzag path, and ending at the secluded Mouthmill beach.

Of course, we then had to walk back up the Zigzag path, but all that running must’ve paid off, because we rather enjoyed it.

The shady forest seems to have defeated my phone’s camera, and some of the pictures are a bit blurred, but I hope they give a feel of what our little excursion was like.

The quiet path through the woods

An isolated house by the beach

The secluded bay at Mouthmill

A doer-upper by the beach

The zigzag path

Forest flowers

Vivid ferns and bluebells

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