In the next Devonshire Mystery, Dan and Spiller visit the quayside in Exeter.

I took a few photos to share with you, but it was a cold and damp wintry day, so I didn’t stand around taking pictures for long. I knew I had some photos from the summer, so I’ve added some of those.

I hope you enjoy them.

The old custom house, complete with cannons.

The water at the quay looking dark on this wintry day.

The quayside seems a foreboding place in winter.

A quayside watering hole – the kind of place I was imagining in the next Devonshire Mystery.

In summer, the quayside looks jollier. Here’s a weir.

Another shot of the weir in summer.

A quiet time at the quayside (thanks to the pandemic) on a summer’s day.

Another shot from a warmer month.

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