In our little corner of Devon, Autumn is getting well and truly settled in. It tends to be mild here in the South West, and this time of year can be grey and rainy, but we’re having a lovely start to the season with blue skies and sunshine.

I hope that you enjoy the photos.

The view from my writing room. The Teign Valley has its own microclimate, a fact I’ve mentioned in The Devonshire Mysteries, and here you can see the mist hanging over the trees.

An opportunistic bloom making the most of the sunshine.

Sue and I take part in the weekly Park Run, and we’re lucky that it’s in the grounds of the HQ of the Dartmoor National Park. It’s a lovely spot. On the left is an old orchard, the trees heavy with apples.

Another image to show the orchard. Ironically, this estate is called Parke, and it was once private but now belongs to the Dartmoor National Park.

Our village and a neighbouring village are holding a scarecrow competition, and this one is frankly rather terrifying.

A friendlier scarecrow.

I spotted these handsome calves and had to take a photo.

Sue and I enjoying a gentle walk with Lottie after our 5k run.

A view of our little village.

Sue and I, still in our running fear, taking time to appreciate the beautiful place where we live.

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