Like a lot of people, we tend to visit certain places near our home regularly, and we forget that there are so many parts of Devon we could explore.

I haven’t been to Exmouth often, but it was a perfect day to visit the coast, so we packed a picnic and off we went. I hadn’t realised that the beach was so long and the sand so soft. The sun was blazing, but I didn’t take my photos until later when it clouded over and the skies looked more dramatic.

I hope you enjoy the results.

A coastguard on patrol.

Cheerful beach huts.

Exmouth’s powerful lifeboat gleaming in the sun. I take my hat off to the brave men and women who volunteer to go out in all weathers to save others.

The day before, we managed to see Corinne Bailey-Rae in Exeter. I’ve long been a fan, and she gave a stunning performance. We don’t get many big names performing in Devon, but it was a treat to see her.

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