The quay in Exeter features in the Devonshire Mystery, Accomplice to Murder, both in the present day story and in the past via a cold case. These days it’s a jolly place to spend a Sunday afternoon, especially when there’s a jazz band playing and people dancing in the street. Mrs C and I had a relaxing afternoon strolling along and checking out the cafes and eclectic shops, and I hope you enjoy the photos.

Stone setts make up the road here, and you can see a building was probably once a warehouse – more on that below.

A converted warehouse, and this one houses a cafe very much like the one that Dan visits with DI Spiller.

The hand-pulled ferry across the river Exe, and yes, the ferryman looks a little spooky.

A jolly jazz band playing mellow versions of the classics and a few songs of their own.

Some of the older buildings have these tunnel-like spaces along the quay, and they’re used as shops and craft workshops. This chap was making decorative items from metal, and the smell took me back to the shed that my grandad used for his various projects.

Lastly, I’m still running, and this is me after the Totnes 10K trail race. It was a tough course, nearer 11Km long and with hills and some rough tracks, but I did pretty well and I was pleased with my performance. Hopefully I’ll continue running and keeping fit so that I can carry on writing and creating stories.

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