The story of Death at Blackingstone Rock was originally conceived as a tale told through a series of emails, sent out in as near to real time as I could manage, and members of this site can still experience the story in that format. Membership of this site is free, and signing up for the story is free – click here to begin

I wanted to give readers the option of owning a complete set of all the emails in one volume, so I compiled all the messages into an ebook.

Originally, I sold the ebook and donated every penny to the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team, and I’d like to pass on a heartfelt thank you to everyone who purchased a copy. You raised a little over 70 USD. Not a huge amount, but I’m sure the rescue team appreciated it, and I had a very nice email from them to say thank you. But the project is no longer new, and I think that most people who were going to buy a copy have already done so. Rather than allow sales to come in dribs and drabs, which would’ve been hard to keep track of, I’ve made the ebook free. I really didn’t want to risk making a mistake.

The ebook is only available on my payhip store, which is a convenient way to obtain my books as it integrates with Bookfunnel, so any purchases will be added to your online Bookfunnel library.

I hope you enjoy the story.

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