The story of Death at Blackingstone Rock was originally conceived as a tale told through a series of emails, sent out in as near to real time as I could manage, and members of this site can still experience the story in that format. Membership of this site is free, and signing up for the story is free – click here to begin

I wanted to give readers the option of owning a complete set of all the emails in one volume, so I compiled all the messages into an ebook.

This ebook is optional extra, so I’m taking the opportunity to raise funds for the charity that inspired the story: the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team.

You can obtain the ebook from my online store where it is priced at $2 (USD), and I’ll donate every penny of the money I receive to the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team. I’ve chosen the Ashburton team, as that’s the nearest to my home.

The ebook is only available on my store, because I didn’t want any of the proceeds to go to online retailers. Also, I need to be able to keep track of how much money has come in from this title.

Click here to find this book on my store

I’m not going to keep any of the proceeds for myself. There are transaction fees and the currency will have to be converted into British pounds, but those small amounts are the only admin costs, and they are beyond my control.

I hope that all makes sense and that you enjoy the story.

Here’s the link in full:


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