This was after the Park Run in Winchester. Minus 2 degrees Celsius, so my hands were in my pockets with good reason. Still, I followed a pacer (a volunteer who sticks to a certain pace) and managed to keep up with him, covering the 5K in under 24 minutes. This was a personal best for me, so I had the warm glow from a sense of achievement.

A sprinkling of snow, a rarity in Devon where wet and mild is the rule. This is the view from my writing room, out over the allotments and to the hills beyond, though the hills are partly lost in the mist.

Not gorillas in the mist but cows. I took this photo while I was out on a run, enjoying the solitude of the Devon lanes. I wasn’t so keen on the drizzle that came later, but it was still good to be out and about.

I’d run up to this reservoir, so I figured I may as well run around it. A muddy path but great fun.

Nearer home, looking across the Teign Valley thanks to a recently trimmed hedge.

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