If you’ve been with me for a while, you may remember the regular prize draw, in which I picked people to receive a choice of free ebook.

It got a bit cumbersome, but I’ve hit on a simpler way to make it work, so here goes.

I will endeavour to pick a winner in every newsletter that I send out, but there will be only one way to see if you’ve won: you’ll need to read your newsletters.

How will you take part?

Simply click on any link in your newsletters. So you might click through to view the featured photos, or you might click on a button to listen to the author chat.

I won’t say which link will be the magic one in any given newsletter, but there’s nothing to stop you from clicking on lots of them.

No purchase or other activity is necessary. Just click on something that interests you, and you’ll be in with a chance.

How will you know if you’ve won?

In each newsletter I’ll put the winner’s name (if I have it) and a partially anonymised email address- something like, sherlo********@gmail.com.

How will you claim your prize?

If you’ve won, it will be up to you to contact me and tell me which ebook you’d like (a single title rather than a boxset). There may also be free audiobooks on offer at the time, depending on availability.

That’s it.

Hopefully that all makes sense and is manageable for me to keep track of.

Good Luck!


Read your newsletters, click on links, check to see if you’ve won, contact me to claim your prize.


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