Trying to get back into a working routine after the loss of our lovely Labrador, Lottie, I tackled the mass of papers and folders and notebooks that were cluttering my desk and lurking in drawers.

A lot of them could safely be thrown out, but only after I’d checked them in case they held nuggets of wisdom. I came across a few good ideas that I’ve filed away in the bulging folder that’s unimaginatively¬† labelled ‘Ideas’, but I was more interested to find some early scribblings about characters and story elements that you might recognise.

Here’s the moment when a certain person came into being:

Inspector Trenchford, named after a local reservoir, didn’t make the cut because I thought I might refer to the reservoir, and I think the place is mentioned in the books.

Some early ideas about Dan:

Coming up with a title for the first book and for the series:

Figuring out the timeline in the backstory of A Study in Stone:

Spoiler Alert!

Coming up with the cipher for A Study in Stone:

Sketching out the relative positions of the locations in Valley of Lies:

A crude map for Valley of Lies:

Some deeper thoughts about Dan for Valley of Lies:

Written on a train, the initial ideas for Murder Between the Tides:

I hope you found this glimpse behind the scenes interesting.¬† If you’d like more of this kind of thing, please comment below, and please do the same if you’d like to ask anything about the photos or about my working methods.

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