The fine people at Barnes & Noble Press have posted their current top five indie books, and Murder Between the Tides made the cut.

I was very excited to see one of my books peeping out from the other for books, including one co-authored by a certain Mr. King.

It’s always lovely to see my work recognised, so this made my day.

Here’s a snippet from their blog:

What People are Saying: A charming setting brings to life a new case in the traditional British mystery style. For fans of Agatha Christie, this is the perfect whodunit that will leave you guessing until the end.

Good old Barnes & Noble.

I’m glad they’re still going strong and that the nook ereader is still being produced. The ebook market needs strong players such as B&N and Kobo and others, so that readers can have a viable choice when it comes to buying their reading material.

Please encourage them by considering their stores when buying your books, and click here to visit their blog and see their favourite indie books.

You can find Murder Between the Ties at:

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