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The next adventure for Dan and Alan is finally here, so as it makes its way into the world, here’s another snippet to give you a flavour of the book.

A Must-Have Murder – Snippet 2

If you’d like to see an excerpt from the previous chapter, the first snippet is here.

Note: At this point in the story, Dan and Alan have arrived at the house of a potential client, Zadie Barrington, where they were met by Zadie’s assistant, Natalya. Natalya was a favourite with early readers of the book. From Ukraine, Natalya is decidedly feisty, and I hope you enjoy meeting her.

Excerpt From Chapter 2

“Zadie is in her studio. Upstairs is much better, it has been…” Natalya gestured impatiently at the uncarpeted staircase.

“Renovated?” Alan suggested, and Natalya nodded gratefully.

“Yes. Renovated. Exactly.” Natalya sighed and her expression softened. “Forgive me, gentlemen. It has been a hard day, but please, come up, and everything will be explained. Do not stand on the fifth stair. It isn’t safe. The man was supposed to fix it, but…” she shrugged.

“We’ll mind our step,” Alan said with a smile.

Natalya gazed at him. “You’re making a joke.”

“Sort of,” Alan admitted. “Sorry.”

“No need to apologise. Follow me.”

Dan and Alan did as they were told, making their way up the stairs in silence. The fifth tread was badly split, and Dan stepped over it with exaggerated care. When he reached the landing, Dan said, “I see what you mean about that step. It can be hard to find good tradespeople. We met your decorator outside. How are you finding him? Is he reliable?”

Natalya grunted in disapproval. “Very slow, I think. He drinks tea instead of working. I tell him this, but he doesn’t listen.” Natalya drew a long breath, flaring her nostrils, then she added, “You should know that Zadie does not like to be kept waiting. She has a livestream at four, and we must fix her hair and make-up before then. She cannot be late. Do you understand?”

“Yes. We’ll be as quick as we can,” Dan replied. “We also have a schedule to keep.”

“Okay,” Natalya intoned. “Follow me.”

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