And the huge bomb buried beneath a quiet city street is only partially to blame.

Dan Corrigan has a new job, and he’s ready to take on the world, but his instincts lead him unerringly toward a web of wrongdoing.

Dan has never been afraid to ask awkward questions, but this time, it might cost him his life.

He’s drawn into a criminal conspiracy, and it seems that someone will stop at nothing to prevent him from uncovering the truth. The stakes are high, but with a good friend to back him up, Dan must forge ahead despite the danger.

Dan and Alan are back on the case, and one way or another, they will get to the bottom of this mystery.

Join Dan and Alan in untangling the clues, and discover a darker side to Devon.

Want to know what happens?

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Here are a few links to the paperback:

Amazon – Canada

Amazon – UK

Amazon – US

To help you find it elsewhere, the ISBN of the paperback is 1915507014, or if you need the longer ISBN, it’s: 978-1915507013

I hope you enjoy the story.


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