On a recent trip to Cheltenham (or Cheltenham Spa to give the town its proper name), we enjoyed an evening stroll in Pittville Park, taking in what would be one of the last light and bright evenings.

I moved to Cheltenham back in 88, and I remember sitting in this park, all alone. I’d moved to take up a job, and I didn’t know a soul. I hadn’t been paid yet, so I dined on a snack bar and a soft drink, but I didn’t mind. I was in my twenties and I could get by on more meagre sustenance than I’m used to now. Besides, it was sunny and the park was green and glorious and much prettier than the city streets of Leeds that I’d left behind.

Who could’ve guessed that in a couple of weeks I’d meet a young lady who, some years later, would become Mrs C?

Not me, that’s for sure, but that’s the way life works.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Pittville Pump Room with a wedding going on. In its Regency heyday, this was a place to sample the spa waters of Cheltenham, hence the name. I think you can still sample the water inside.

Autumn colour beginning to appear.

The lake. There were ducks, but I can’t spot them in the photo.

The bandstand

You can see the ornamental bridge at the far end of the lake.

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