The History of the Kenning Family

NB: The Kenning family is entirely fictional.

Timothy Kenning marries Hester Williams 1899
Cyril born 1899
Gordon born 1900
Timothy dies in 1905
Cyril awarded the Croix de Guerre 1918
Cyril dies 1919
Gordon marries Diana Muir 1923
Gerald born 1925
Gerald Marries Helen Barker 1947
David is born 1948
David marries Julia Normanby 1968
Martin is born 1969
Deborah born 1970
Gordon dies 1972
Diana dies 1983
Gerald and Helen die 2005
In 2019:
David Kenning is 71
Martin Kenning is 50
Deborah Kenning is 49


Exeter history and photos

Royal Albert Memorial Museum

Bovey Tracey Church

Ugbrooke House

Castle Drogo


Bethune Town Cemetery

Military Information

The Keep Military Museum

Military Ranks

Exeter Roll of Honour

The Devonshire Regiment

2nd Battalion The Devonshire Regiment

3rd Battalion The Devonshire Regiment

The battle of Bois des Buttes

The Devons at Bois des Buttes

Third Battle of Aisne

Devon Regiments

Codes and Ciphers

The Scytale Cipher decoded

I n · m e m
o r y · o f
· c y r i l
· k e n n i
n g · a · b
e l o v e d
· b r o t h
e r · t a k
e n · t o o
· s o o n ·
b y · t h e
· f o l l y
· o f · a ·
s e n s e l
e s s · w a
r . · · · ·

More on scytale ciphers

Caesar ciphers

Cracking Transposition Ciphers

Letter frequencies

Saint Sidwell

St. Sidwell,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=3&cntnt01returnid=80

Spanish Flu

Military Executions

Shot for Cowardice

Shot at Dawn

Desertion in WW I

Discussion of British Military Executions

Crimes and Courts Martial


“We will remember them” quote from For the Fallen (Robert Laurence Binyon )

“We are returning by the road we came” quote from To My Brother (Siegfried Sassoon)

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