A Study in Stone is available from me as a free book when you join my readers’ group, The Awkward Squad.

Alternatively, you can buy it on all the main stores for a nominal price. However, it doesn’t always appear on the series page, especially  on Amazon.  This is because A Study in Stone is now officially Book 0, the prequel to the series. One reader described it as the origin story for Dan and Alan, and I think that’s a reasonable description. This is the beginning of their journey together.

Valley of Lies is Book I, and is a full-length mystery novel complete with a murder, so it’s great place to start reading: Find Valley of Lies online.

The renumbering of the series won’t affect any books you’ve already purchased, and it should give us a suitable point from which to move forward.

In case I’ve managed to completely muddy the waters, I’ve listed The Devonshire Mystery books in order here.

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