Spring has finally arrived in Devon, and in the Campling household we’re enjoying it immensely.

Here are some nice photos of the Teign Valley, my home as well as the location for the fictional village of Embervale in the Devonshire Mysteries.

Mrs C and I have been busy in the allotment, and Lottie is able to sniff her way through the fields, enjoying the sunshine without getting too hot. The fields and hedgerows of Devon are a delight, crammed with wildflowers, and the birds are in full song.

I’m getting into running in a way that I never thought possible, so there’s a picture below of me biting into a post-run flapjack. But don’t worry, the rest of the photos are the landscape pictures that many of you know and love.

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Lottie still going strong

Enjoying a flapjack to celebrate my fiftieth ParkRun. It has taken me a while to notch up those runs, partly due to the pandemic in the middle, but I’ve finally made it. On the first run I couldn’t get far before walking, and my leg muscles felt like they were made of lead, but I can now run 5K in under 30 minutes and that includes a couple of hill climbs. I love the inclusivity of ParkRun, with all ages, shapes and sizes taking part and many people taking the time to encourage others with a clap or a ‘Well done’. It’s no wonder that Dan Corrigan likes a good run; it does me the world of good.

Below are some views over the Teign Valley.

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