Readers sometimes tell me that my photos of Devon help them to imagine the setting for Dan and Alan’s adventures on and around Dartmoor, so I hope this set will be of interest.

In the fourth novel of the Devonshire Mysteries, Accomplice to Murder, Dan, Alan and a glamorous figure from Dan’s past visit Hound Tor. Don’t worry, I won’t give any spoilers, but below, you can see the hawthorn tree that’s mentioned in the book.

In real life, it was a fresh and sunny day, and the quality of the light gave a real depth to this intriguing and wild place. Whether you read the books or not, I hope you like the pictures.

Sue and Lottie heading uphill, the tor on the horizon.

Getting closer.

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Looking back from the tor.

Climbers can often be seen bouldering on the more popular tors.

A view from the tor.

An unseasonal appearance. A butterfly making the most of the sunshine.

Fences are rare on the moor, but this one was put up to divert walkers away from a badly eroded path.

The hawthorn tree that’s mentioned in Accomplice to Murder.

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